DirectAccess configuration load error

by Thomas Forsmark Sørensen 24. June 2015 14:41

At a customer where they have a DirectAccess installation with 7 DirectAccess servers in a Multi-Site setup we were suttenly not longer open the DirectAccess Console.

When I tried to open the console on two of the DirectAccess servers I would get the following error:

When trying to enter the DirectAccess configuration in the DirectAccess Console on one of the other DirectAccess servers I got thos error:

DirectAccess is saving all its configuration in AD policies and it turned out that the policies for the two failing servers were missing their folders in the \\domain\sysvol\Policies folder.

The easy solution would be just to restore those folders from the latest backup and then the DirectAccess console would open again.

Sadly the customer had no backup of the sysvol share :-(

So I had to reinstall the complete DirectAccess installation.

When a GPO for a DirectAccess server is deleted the DirectAccess console will prompt at startup at tell that the configuration cannot be found.

It will then give an option to retry or to delete the configuration.

When choosing to delete the configuration the DirectAccess server is ready to be configured from scratch. Thats what I ended up doing :-s

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