WSUS console fails with "MMC has detected an error in a snap-in and will unload it"

by Thomas Forsmark Sørensen 6. July 2015 12:18

Today I will blog about a problem I had with the WSUS console on a SCCM Server.

When I tried to start the WSUS console it would just display an error message. It might have been a software update that has caused the problem but I am not sure of that.

When trying to start the WSUS console I got the following error


Direct Access 2012 console failes to load config

by Thomas Forsmark Sørensen 1. July 2015 23:18

I have several DirectAccess configurations at my customers where they use both DirectAccess and VPN on the same server.

I have often seen that when I have changed the DirectAccess configuration on a server with both DirectAccess and VPN  installed then I was not able to start the DirectAccess console afterwards.

The problem:

After changing the DirectAccess configuration and when starting the DirectAccess console the following error message is shown:

"Settings for server <Server Name> cannot be retrieved. VPN is configured to allocate IP addresses using a static address pool, but no IP address ranges are configure"

It seams that DirectAccess configuration faulty will set the VPN configuration to using a static address pool without a pool beeing defined. More...


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